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85% of the employees are not engaged with their company

- Gallup 2022

”86% of employees don´t feel heard."

- UKG 2021

Employees who strongly believe their companies care about well-being are: 69% less likely to look for another job".

- Gallup, 2022

Why we do it?


High-potential profiles, positive influencers, common interests.


Know the influencers within each group, ideal to integrate others.

Understand perceptions

Process open-ended questions to truly understand the needs of the staff.


Measure tendencies to integrate alike profiles or create built to suit wellbeing plans.

Influence networks

Discover the emotional support network within each area.

Predict desertion

Talents at risk. Retain up to 15% of desertion.

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To companies, Amis is the platform that understand the true needs, because we are obsessed with helping you identify your staff´s needs and interests by processing open-ended, peer-related questions, while giving you engagement tools to reach the profiles identified.


  • +200,000 users.

  • Presence in US, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica.

Results in 1 day


Map of influencers, true mentors and positive leaders, helping you empower them.


We help you understand the needs of the key individuals and trends among each area.

Sociogram of students - relationship network
Sociogram of students - relationship network



Each employee´s needs and who within the company has the means or talents to fulfill it.

Direct contact

Amis allows you to identify certain profiles you may need, and to contact them automatically throguh whatsapp or email.

Perception analysis at school
Perception analysis at school

International awards & sponsorships

US State Department´s sponsorship - YLAI

"IDB top 50 innovations in America."

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