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Solve bullying & loneliness at your school

Safer schools

Rejection, bullying are risk factors among shooters

- CNN Health

”1 in 5 are victims of bullying. Only 25% of cases are detected."

- NCBI 2019

72% of parents said that their child's mental health was more important to them than their academic achievement".

- Pew Research Center, Wasghinton D.C.

Why we do it?


Bullying, desertion, loneliness, rejection and the ideal solvers for each situation.


Know the influencers within each group, ideal to integrate others.

Break "law of silence"

67% of students prefer to express through tech.


Measure tendencies to integrate alike profiles or create offer.

Emotional networks

Discover the emotional support network for each student.

Predict desertion

Identify students at risk. Retain up to 30% of dropouts.

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To schools, Amis is the platform that protects students from bullying and loneliness, because we are obsessed with giving you fast results and parents´ peace of mind.


  • +100,000 users.

  • +120 institutions.

  • Presence in US and Latam.

Results in 1 day


Victims + Positive influencers that can solve each situation.


Empower influencers with the mission to integrate victims.

Sociogram of students - relationship network
Sociogram of students - relationship network



Students can easily report situations.

Smart alarms

Our algorithm reads reports and prioritizes cases.

Perception analysis at school
Perception analysis at school

International awards & sponsorships

"IDB top 50 innovations in America."

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