Solve bullying & desertion in your school

Amis helps you achieve it!

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80 regions – 4 countries

AMIS's World

Results in 1 day


  • the victims and the ideal positive influencers to integrate them.
  • empowering influencers with the mission of integrating the victims.


  • 5 min implementation
  • processes natural language
  • prioritizes cases
  • allows massive interventions

What do you achieve with Amis?

  • Identify

    Bullying, desertion, loneliness, rejection.

  • Break the silence

    67% of students prefer to express themselves via technology.

  • Support- Networks

    Who is supporting whom in each course, who do they trust?

  • Leadership

    Discover the influencers of each group, ideal to integrate.

  • Interests

    Measure trends to integrate "newcomers" with like-minded colleagues, or generate a tailored offer.

  • Predict desertion

    Get ahead of at-risk students and learn about their motivations. We reduce desertion by 20%.


US State Department sponsorship: Leaders of the Americas Initiative


“Top Most Innovative Company LATAM”

“Company that is changing the world with innovation and sustainability solutions”

“Greater social impact in Latin America”

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