If you are reading this it is because you want to know how your experience can help future generations in just 1 hour.

Who is AMIS

Amis is an artificial intelligence that profiles people in educational institutions and companies, in order to guide decisions and actions according to the interests and needs of the community

Why are we doing this?

6 out of 10 children do not know what career to study
8 out of 10 college students do not know what they can work in after graduation (industries / areas in which they can apply).
Young professionals apply to their jobs only looking at the salary, without knowing well what the company does or what it will perform in its position, leading to depression and desertion

Who will you help? – USERS

College students in career choice
University students who do not know the world of work
Young people in their first work experiences


How will we help them?

Through AMIS, a match is generated between the vocational needs of the students and the professions of the mentors.
Each young person will take a TRIP with the mentor who is most related to her needs, allowing him to discover answers to her doubts with the videos of his mentor’s interview. According to the pupil’s emotional reactions to each of the mentor’s responses, Amis will measure the affinity that she has with her mentor’s vocation.

The knowledge of the mentors and their image will serve to inspire, through their videos and photos of the interview and in advertising campaigns through various media, more students who need guidance to find their vocation.

What we need from the MENTOR: Set aside a space of 1 hour for a video call where we will record you answering questions that we will have previously sent you by way of conversation. There are a total of 23 questions that summarize the main doubts of thousands of young people.

Authorization: The Mentor confirms and accepts his participation in the filming of the videos associated with his interview, and expressly authorizes Amis in the dissemination of the videos and cover image both in the mobile and web application service used by users, as well as by the means of propagation that are used. The foregoing, in the times required by the clauses of this agreement. The content generated will be used for AMIS solutions and its promotion.

Duration: This agreement will have a duration equal to the term of operation of AMIS

Payment: Understanding that students can acquire one or more mentoring, translated into the purchase in a single trip or multiple trips (mentoring with a mentor or with several mentors), and a second option of acquiring the monthly payment to see unlimited mentoring, the remuneration of mentors will depend on the number of trips.

In the first case, in which a student has paid only 1 trip, and has matched with the mentor, the latter will receive ten percent (10%) of the net income received by the student’s Amis, after taxes, withholdings, promotions, discounts and other transaction costs.
In the case in which the student has acquired a package with more than 1 trip, the mentor will receive 10% of the income proportional to the base that it represents in the total trips, where the base is equivalent to (Income received by Amis / The total number of trips of the purchased plan). In the case of an unlimited travel plan, the base is equivalent to (Income received by Amis / The total number of trips started by the student). It is important to highlight that the income received by Amis is after taxes, withholdings, promotions, discounts and other transaction costs. Associated transaction costs, taxes, promotions and discounts are deducted from the mentor’s payment.

Payment method: The mentor will have a report every 4 months on his accumulated balance in each of these expired periods, when his accumulated amount is greater than USD $ 100. The mentor will be contacted in this case, so that he can decide if the Accumulated balance is turned over to a savings account that you provide or to one of the compensation Opportunities described below.

Remuneration opportunities: The mentor may allocate his accumulated remuneration to scholarships for low-income students who require mentoring, or to any of the initiatives of the Amis foundation whose purposes are described in the following link: https://amis.com. co / fundacion /, the mentor will be the one who chooses if they want to use this opportunity when their balance reaches the notification status.

Intellectual property: MENTOR expressly recognizes by virtue of this agreement, that it assigns to AMIS all intellectual property rights, including economic rights, that would correspond to it for the development of the entirety of this agreement. The ownership of the intellectual property rights assigned to AMIS by virtue of this agreement will last for the maximum term allowed by law, and in all countries of the world.
In this way, THE MENTOR yields in favor of AMIS, in an exclusive and excluding manner,

all Intellectual Property rights, developed in execution of this agreement, as well as any type of development attached or derived from it (hereinafter “Developments”).

AMIS may use for itself the product of the Developments made under this agreement in its original state, modify them, evolve them, connect them with other programs and produce derivative works that can be registered, produce new versions, grant the right of use for the benefit of third parties by way of licensing or any other contractual modality, transfer to third parties, manage third-party operations keeping the use in their possession and, in general, carry out any activity that derives from having settled in their head exclusively and excluding all intellectual property rights.
Likewise, the MENTOR undertakes not to preserve for itself any copy or specimen of the development, not even in exhibition or mere demonstration versions.

FIRST PARAGRAPH. Duration of the Assignment: The assignment of intellectual property rights, including patrimonial rights, over the Developments applies to all countries of the world, according to the maximum term of legal protection in force in the respective jurisdiction.

SECOND PARAGRAPH. Territoriality: This assignment is made in all the countries of the world.

THIRD PARAGRAPH. Within the value agreed upon in this agreement, the value of such assignment is included, so that it cannot be modified for said concept.


Thank you for being part of our work team.

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